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Online Pokies: A Player’s Guide to Pokie Games

Everything you could want to know, or you should need to know when it comes to online pokies. This is your player’s guide to the best online pokies NZ has to offer. We will be telling you which are the best games to play, who the developers are, which pokies have the largest jackpots, why you should play online pokies, how they are made, and so much more.

When it comes to experiencing pokies NZ players will become enraptured by their endless options and dynamic entertainment levels.

If you have not yet played any slot machine from one of the top developers, then this guide is the best place to start. If you are entirely new to the casino game, then this will give you every insight that is valuable information to help you know what to play and what to avoid. For the seasoned users of slots, there is still always something new to learn so, if you are ready to become a better slot player then let’s get you started…

Best Online Pokies

What makes a pokie or the common term slot machine, the best. There are thousands of them, so where does one begin looking to decide which are the pokies to play and which are the pokies to avoid?

Well, despite the numbers, the process is actually quite simple. Rather than play all 10,000 online pokies, start with a smaller number and that is with the developers. There are approximately 100 online casino developers making slots throughout the industry, but across the New Zealand market, there is only about 15 to 20 different developers that are made available.

This is because once you get beyond the major 20, the real big names and brands of the software industry, very few casinos register or partner with the smaller names. That’s not to say their work isn’t great, they are, but it’s just the nature of the industry when there is so much competition.

When looking to seek out the right pokies NZ has, starting with the developers will tell you so much in such a short space of time.

The best online pokies NZ has on the maker will come from the like of these software developers:

  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Playtech
  • Big Time Gaming
  • Red Tiger
  • Blueprint Gaming
  • Play’n GO
  • Yggdrasil
  • Quickspin
  • iBetSoft
  • IGT

When you play online pokies inside the best NZ casinos online, you will most definitely experience the works from these companies, and they are each unique. Now it would be very easy to say that the best are all the ones made by these developers, but the fact of the matter is, relative to what your budget is and how you like the experience of slot play, will depend on which developer suits you best.

This comes down to the actual mechanics of play, the volatility algorithm that affects performance.

There are three levels of volatility that affects the gameplay:

High Volatility gaming produces very few wins, but when the reels align to produce a win, there tends to be a higher return of profit. So, these slots are perfect for players with a bankroll that’s more expendable. However, not the best slot for players with a budget.

Low Volatility slots are more ideal for players with smaller funds to spend. These games produce frequent wins, however, there is less profit to gain from the reels aligning.

Medium Volatility means you often break even, the performance of the slot machine is between the other to volatility levels.

So, as you can see, there is a lot to consider when it comes to realizing which slot games are the best, but once you know of the developers and how they make their games, you are in a far better position to make the judgement.

Slots in New Zealand

When it comes to the number of online pokies that are available on the casino market, there are about 5,000 of the best online pokies NZ players can look forward to playing.

New to slots? Well to play online pokies, it is very simple.

The game is void of any real skill, the skill comes in knowing which are the right games to play and which are the ones to avoid, as mentioned earlier.

Slots are basically autonomous, so you only need to load the game, set the wagering level for the cost per spin, and you press the spin button for each wager to activate the game.

Winning is done by aligning 3 or more of the matching symbols that appear on the reel. The game will have a clear paytable within the slot’s information tab. There you can read which symbols carry the high and low returns and what the other gaming features are and paylines.

Game features can include free spins which give you an allowance of free goes. There are multipliers that increase the winnings, there are pick me bonuses that reveal hidden rewards and there are jackpots to be won from each slot.

The paylines vary in number from slot to slot. the paylines indicate the alignment pattern the symbols must make to form a win. Not all slots are the same so pay attention to this, some slots have adjustable numbers, whilst games like the Megaways™ feature produces slots with up to 150,000+ different ways of winning.

A variant of the online pokies is the progressive jackpot. These are multi-prized games with more than one main cash prize. If you want to win big, then these are the online pokies NZ has that you want to be playing. Some jackpots far exceed the million-dollar mark, so you can change your life very quickly should you be lucky to land such fortunes which are paid out in real NZD.

Play Online Pokies

Is there more to it than just luck? Why play pokies in the first place? Well, the game is uniquely dynamic. With online gambling is growing fast in New Zealand more and more pokies are produced. They are the most popular game online and you will get to experience the very best online pokies NZ has.

Besides being able to win millions in NZ dollars, their appeal is actually based on the algorithm that determines the payout of the games. This is called the Return to Player or RTP for short. The RTP is a percentage-based algorithm that all slots work with.

Typically, the average pokie is scored at about 95%, so when you play online pokies with this score, you will get a return of 95% from the money you put in, whilst the casino takes the other 5% as profit.

How you have to realise this works on a larger scale. The RTP is for all players, so getting your own RTP return does take time, it’s not a case of playing for one day and you make up 95% of the money back. The return is over a period of time not yet known to those in the industry.

With this, when it comes to using online pokies we can only advise that giving up early means the house wins, just take time off and try again. The RTP is the very thing that makes slots regulatorily approved. They are what deem the games to be fair because this algorithm is encoded into all games, that are then synched to the casino’s management system (CMS) which is linked to your account and all records of play keep track of what you do, play, win, and lose. It knows effectively when you will win and what game you will win from.

Kiwi pokies

So, which of the online pokies NZ has are the best to play. Well, we created a top 10 list of the must-play pokies that are available now that can be accessed through a vast majority of the casinos online.

They will reward you with NZ dollars from their jaw-dropping jackpots, they are award-winning slot games made by the finest developers, and we will note their volatility so you can pick the ideal online slots that are right for your gaming budget.

Note: These are of no specific order, they are just the ten best on the market right now.

Pokie TitleDeveloperRTP %Volatility
Mega MoolahMicrogaming88%High
Esqueleto ExplosivoThunderkick97%Low
Blood SuckersNetEnt98%Low
Guns N’ RosesNetEnt96.98%Medium
Raid the Piggy BankMicrogaming96%High
Who Wants to be a Millionaire (official)Big Time Gaming96%High
Dragon’s Luck DeluxeRed Tiger94%Medium
Miss WildfireElk Studios95%Medium
Hot Gems XtremePlaytech95%Medium

Online Casino for New Zealand Pokies

Finding the top online pokies is no problem. The hottest online pokies NZ has can be found within these top 10 casinos. They are 100% licensed and regulated. They are not registered in New Zealand because remote businesses are not allowed to make casinos online, so services are from foreign sites. They still accept and pay out NZ dollars. All the slot games are tested by independent labs for fair and safety checks. You can have absolute peace of mind playing your favourite online slots within these top 10 New Zealand online casinos.

  1. Wildz Casino
  2. Caxino Casino
  3. Gate 777
  4. Betway Casino
  5. Captain Spins
  6. NightRush
  7. Jackpot City
  8. Spin Casino
  9. Jonny Jackpots
  10. Casino Dingo

Each of these casinos offers newly registered players a special exclusive welcome bonus that rewards you with cash credit and free spins. These will help you to win more NZ dollars from the top online slots these casinos carry.

Remember, if you opt to use a welcome bonus or any other promotional offer, then please read the bonus terms and conditions first.

Online Slots

So, we’ve covered pretty much all there is to know about the online pokies NZ has available. With so many offering real NZD to win, where will you start?

To leave you with some advice. Learn more about the games available by playing them in their demo mode first. Experience the action without the cost and find the slot titles that impress you most and the developers also.

You can find demo games within the casino. You are often given the option to play for money or play for free. Test the games across 10 to 20 spins, see how responsive the games are, judge their volatility and remember nothing is guaranteed, just try to have fun and do not spend beyond your means regardless of the RTP rule that lets you see a return of spending. Spin away and enjoy.