This is How Online Gambling Can Affect Property Prices Across Asia-Pacific

With news that Cambodia’s government have recently banned access to online gambling, they may have thought to learn about how Kiwis approached the issue of gambling within New Zealand where it gives players an option both in online gaming and offline.

When it comes to accessing online casino NZ sites via the internet, it is does so legally through foreign sites that are regulated outside of New Zealand. There are, of course, land-based casinos in New Zealand that Kiwis can play in, but it’s the online casinos that offer far more gaming opportunities for New Zealand players to win real money from. Not only that but they also give Kiwis the chance of gambling without having to use real money. This makes online casinos the perfect opportunity for players new to online gambling.

The online casinos are fully licensed and regulated and what general New Zealand casino sites do is generate revenue for their government. Money can then be put back into communities, with online casinos, wins are tax exempt because it is outside of the NZ territory and the government miss out on taxing businesses.

The problem with banning activities is that it forces people wanting to play with freedom, to seek for it in places which might be of risk. The internet will be used regardless by players, or gambling will go underground and unregulated.

If businesses within the Asia-Pacific introduced casinos, it would boost the economy, present more job opportunities and it also give locals an opportunity for entertainment and enjoyment. With casinos, you can incorporate restaurants, hotels, make resorts from the simple understanding that people want fun and gambling provides it in abundance.

With opportunity like this comes housing development, a boost in the house prices, and a rise in wealth of the area.

In New Zealand’s Christchurch area, around 1999 the first casino was built, the housing market in 2000 rose 3%, in 2001, it rose 7%, and in 2005 once the casino was complete with hotel and restaurants, the housing market grew 18% with housing prices up a 5%.

Casinos have an economic impact on things beyond the poker table.